This Hospice Care Week we are thanking our wonderful Hospice volunteers.

Page 14 - Hospice Care Volunteers

Our Hospice Volunteers are an invaluable support to patients, visitors, and staff. We are so grateful to them for giving their time and compassion to our patients and their loved ones on a daily basis.

Here are just some of the things our staff and patients have to say about our volunteers:

  • “It is incredible that some of our volunteers work in their day jobs all day, then come here to help of an evening or weekend, their commitment and dedication is incredible!”


  • “We couldn’t function without our volunteers, they spot things that we sometimes miss, Graham always keeps so busy in our Inpatient Unit, tidying, fixing things, making teas and coffees, we love having him around.”


  • “I love seeing Margaret each week in Day Hospice, not only does she make us drinks and looks after us, but she also always goes that extra mile for us, remembering conversations we have shared, giving me useful tips and showing an interest in how I am.”


  • “Everything the Day Hospice volunteers do for us is with love, they are truly appreciated.”


  • “My Day Hospice Driver is fantastic, he gets me to and from each week and chats to me on our journeys, this part of going to Day Hospice has become equally as important to me”.

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