They looked after us too

patient and family in the inpatient unit

“My mum, Yvonne, was diagnosed in 2007 with a debilitating illness called MSA (Multi System Atrophy), which is very similar in its symptoms as MND (Motor Neurone Disease).

She was first admitted to Florence in 2008 and when we, as a family heard the word ‘hospice’, it scared the hell out of us. We thought, ‘that’s it then, this is the end’ and thought, ‘what a sad, depressing place it will be’.

But we couldn’t have been more wrong – from the moment we stepped through those doors, a beautiful and calm sense of relief enveloped us. The kind, friendly, reassuring, happy, smiling nurses and doctors just put us at ease straight away.

They not only gave our mum the very best care, attention and love, but they looked after us too – nothing was too much trouble and any concerns or worries we had, they took the time to explain everything.

In the end mum was a patient going for regular ‘respite’ to Florence for eight years. She always said she felt safe there and was able to share and talk to the nurses and doctors about things she couldn’t share with us, they felt like friends to her.

Sadly, mum passed away in July 2017 at the hospice, Dad was able to stay over with her at night in the last week of her life and we spent every day with her in the last week and they looked after us all. We will forever be grateful that they treated mum with dignity and respect and made her feel as if she was important.

So, to anyone feeling scared and worried about going into a Hospice, please don’t because they truly are angels and you matter to them.”

Thank you to Cindy for sharing her story with us.

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