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Page 19 - FNH@Home case study - Linda

Linda was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2020, just a few months into the pandemic.  She received treatment with the hope of giving her a little more time with her husband of over 50 years, Alan, and her five grown-up children and ten grandchildren who she loved dearly.

Unfortunately, minimal time was gained and when she was told there was no more that could be done, she was introduced to the Hospice team.

Linda was keen to remain at home, but her family were unsure if they could make this possible.  Then the FNH@Home team arrived, offering guidance and support.  Linda’s daughter Anna told us,

“On our own we couldn’t have supported her as well as we did.  The help and guidance of the hospice ‘at home team’ was amazing and helped her maintain her dignity.  The support we were given meant we could keep Mum at home and give her the care she needed, surrounded by her own things and feeling more secure during each step. ”

As Linda’s health deteriorated the FNH@Home Team spent more time with Linda and the family offering advice and empowering the family to make decisions. The team promised to give Linda dignity in her own home and individual care, with the familiarity of her family close by. Together, they were able to deliver Linda’s final wish.

“Sitting downstairs and listening to the team talk to Mum upstairs in her room explaining what they were doing and why they were doing it was so empowering.  They treated her with dignity and as an individual even in her most sick moments.   This made us feel that they really cared and wanted to make a difference to Mum’s life.”

“As a Pastor at Aylesbury Vale Community Church, she loved people and God. She touched many people’s lives with her generous, caring and compassionate approach. And we saw that in the care of the hospice team.

We cannot thank them enough for their kindness, support and care.  They are all amazing, from the nurses, to the carers to the admin staff. They truly are special, they understand grief and make painful, life-changing moments a little more bearable.”

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