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Hospice In Patient unit experience

Julie’s father, Stan, was offered a place at Florence Nightingale Hospice after hearing the news that the cancer he had been fighting for eighteen months had spread to his brain. With restrictions in place due to Covid-19, his family were initially planning on him returning home for his final weeks, but a fractured hip caused by the cancer changed his plans.

“It was his decision to choose the Hospice and one for which we will be forever grateful.  I now know he chose wisely. On arriving at the Hospice with my Mum to talk about a place for Dad, I immediately broke down in tears as I knew this was the place for him. I could feel the warmth, compassion and care immediately which had been so lacking in the hospital system. I knew in that moment we were doing the right thing.”

Julie saw at firsthand the personal touches that the hospice team deliver, which makes specialised hospice care so different from hospital stays.  The team get to know each patient and support their families and loved ones through every decision and emotion.

“The staff were utterly wonderful to Dad, they got to know the real him. They enjoyed getting to know him and made him comfortable by talking about things they knew interested him.  They knew he was an avid Chelsea fan, the two nursess would come in singing football songs to him!”

Whilst Covid restrictions were in place the Hospice team enabled patients to stay in contact with their friends and family.

“They made it possible for his friends to call and chat to him.  They set up FaceTime calls with his grandson Samuel who was in America doing a football scholarship. They even set up the link for Dad who was a real technophobe so he could watch Samuel’s match in Nebraska on an IPad.

Nothing was too much trouble, they cared for him like he was one of their own , something for which we will be forever grateful.”

That care and compassion is extended to the loved ones around the patient, who are going through the stress, worry and upset of knowing what is to come.

“As for support for us as a family, your nurses are incredible.  They made it possible for my mum and I to stay in his room overnight at the end.  They brought us meals and lots of cups of tea, but most importantly, they offered us emotional support and comfort in the hardest of times.

“They welcomed each of us when we would visit and felt like part of our family for a few weeks.  We were privileged to have them for that time. The nursing team gave us a sense of calm when we felt overwhelmed or that we couldn’t cope.  They also managed to bring humour into ours and Dad’s days even in the most heart-breaking circumstances. Dad was always full of fun and laughter so it was good to keep the joking and teasing going, it’s what he would want.”

“What I would say to anyone in our position is; don’t be afraid, don’t ever think you are letting your loved ones down by not bringing them back to their own home.  The Hospice team offer the highest level of professional with genuine care and compassion.  Your loved ones will be treated with the respect and dignity they deserve.”


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