Lymphoedema Clinic refit

refurbished lymphoedema clinic

Our Lymphoedema Clinic’s long-awaited revamp has finally been completed, thanks to donations from a number of local trusts and individuals.


The Clinic had not been updated since its construction back in 2000 and, with a caseload of around 400 patients and 30-35 patients visiting each week, the storage of files, bandages and tape had become increasingly difficult.


The whole room has now been revamped by a team from local company Activ Business Solutions with enclosed secure storage facilities and ample worktop surfaces which allows for easier access for dressing & bandaging procedures.


“As clinicians, having a more specifically designed space makes it a much nicer & less cluttered environment to work in. Overall the room now provides a much more inviting atmosphere for patients,” says Sue Lawrance, Lymphoedema Clinical Nurse Specialist.


The treatments Sue and Sandy, who make up the Lymphoedema Team, offer aim to make patients more comfortable by reducing swelling and improving limb size and shape, along with the condition of the skin & tissues. This enables patients to get normal clothes/shoes back on, become more mobile, improve their self-confidence and regain some quality of life allowing them to return to some sort of normality.


The Lymphoedema Clinic is delivered by the charity thanks to the generosity of our supporters, meaning that all patients can receive advice, treatment and compression and support garments free of charge.

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