It’s a long process

Agnes and her husband

Agnes’s husband Alan passed away in the Hospice in July 2020 after being diagnosed with cancer in 2019 and hospitalised during the height of Covid.  He requested to be transferred to the Hospice so that Agnes would be able to visit him in his final days.

“I didn’t feel ready to speak to anyone until a couple of months after Alan had passed away.  I had already used a bereavement service before and knew that I would be able tell a counsellor things that I wouldn’t be able to tell my family.

When friends and family ask, you don’t want to tell them the truth as you don’t want to upset them.

“It’s a long process.  I’ve been told I’m still grieving, but to everyone else the world goes on.  Friends and family have their own lives. But Alan and I were married almost 41 years and I need to find my own way through this. I would recommend that anyone who has lost someone to speak to the Bereavement Listeners about how you feel.”