World Record Breakers fund new bladder scanners for Hospice

Cheque presentation with world record holders and nurses at the hospice

Alex Preston and Michael Pearce from Intrepid broke the Guinness World Record for the longest singles squash match last September, playing for a marathon 40 hours 01mins 59 secs at Tring Squash Club.

The pair were backed by friends, family, colleagues and anonymous donors from around the world who sponsored the mammoth effort to raise over £11,000 for Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity.  The Hospice had cared for Alex’s mother who gave him his love of squash, and was instrumental in the building of Thame Squash Club.

The money raised has funded the purchase of two mobile bladder scanners which will be used in the Hospice and by their community team who care for patients in their homes across Buckinghamshire and its borders.

‘The bladder scanners will allow clinicians to quickly and accurately measure bladder volume, for both patients in the hospice and now, also those patients who are cared for at home.  A bladder scan identifies any residual urine after the bladder has been emptied, which if left untreated, can lead to infections and increased pain and discomfort. The new scanner will enable us to improve the care we are giving to our patients,” says Liz Monaghan, Lead Nurse – Palliative and End of Life Care.

Previously the Hospice had to borrow a scanner from Stoke Mandeville Hospital or move the patient to the hospital, causing stress and delays. The new, discrete scanners will smooth this process, helping the team to improve the care they give to patients.

Having digested the magnitude of their efforts and  the results of their fundraising, Alex said “We’re so happy to have come together as a community and wonderful team of volunteers to break the world record for the longest squash marathon whilst simultaneously hitting our fundraising target and so gift these two bladder scanners to Florence Nightingale Hospice.”

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