Can you give the gift of time this Christmas?


Give the Gift of Time this Christmas – 2023 Christmas Appeal

We are launching an appeal called ‘Give the Gift of Time this Christmas’ to ensure that local people with life-limiting illnesses, and their families, get the help and support they need this Christmas and beyond.

This past year the Hospice has been able to support thousands of patients and their loved ones both in the Hospice and in their own homes. Its nurses have helped patients improve their quality of life, to create special memories with loved ones and care for them in the final days. The Hospice has supported families through these toughest times, helped them to understand how to care for their loved ones and offered them a shoulder to cry on and bereavement support when needed.

Most importantly, the Hospice nurses have helped families to make the most of the time they have left and have given families life changing opportunities to say goodbye.

With a growing and aging population in Buckinghamshire, we know that even more patients could benefit from the Hospice’s care in 2024 – Give the Gift of Time this Christmas.

We appreciate any help our supporters can provide, whether that is a small regular donation or a one-off gift this Christmas. Click here to donate.

Tracey Batt, Ward Manager says “At Christmas, we aim to make it a special time for our patients and their families. We are also very mindful of the fact it’s a very emotive time and while the rest of the world are enjoying Christmas, it can be a particularly heart-breaking time for other people. We always celebrate as much as is appropriate for the patients we are caring for over the Christmas period.”

A donation of just £25 will fund an hour of a nurse’s time to spend with a patient and their loved ones, offering advice, reassurance and helping them to live well with their diagnosis.

Norma’s husband Brian was cared for in the Hospice over the Christmas period last year, she said “It takes a very special person to work with patients who are going to die. The empathy and care that the nurses showed to me and my family was just incredible. From the moment the nurse arrived at my house, then later when we went into the Hospice, we felt like we were part of the Hospice family.”

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